Connecticut Postcards


Connecticut Postcards


The Connecticut Postcard Collection includes about 300 postcards of of sites outside of New Haven, mostly dating from 1900-1920.

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Powder-House Used in 1812, Fairfield, Conn.
A small masonry building with a curved roof. Contrary to the wording on the card, it was actually built in 1814 to help defend against British invasion.

Pulpit on the Rock, Fairfield, Conn.
In a densely wooded area, a small wooden structure with a pointed roof is built on top of a boulder.

F. E. Stults Res. Granby Conn.
A two story Victorian farmhouse, partially obscured by trees.

Memorial Building, Farmington, Conn.
A colonial revival building dedicated to Sarah Porter, founder of Miss Porter's School.

Congregational Church, Greenwich, Conn.
The spire of a stone church with a clock tower is visible above trees. The Second Congregational Church was designed by architect Leopold Eidlitz and dedicated in 1858.

Soldiers Monument, Greenwich, Conn.
A statue of a Civil War soldier holding a flag, on a stone pedestal.

Main St., Fairfield, Conn.
A wide, unpaved road lined with large trees leads into the distance. A horse-drawn carriage is visible beyond a wrought iron gate.

Lady Fenwick Tomb
A horizontal stone resting on three smaller stones, surrounded by a wrought iron fence.

The Baptist Church, Essex, Conn.
View of a church with a tall spire. Designed in the Egyptian Revival style by Minard Lafever, it was built in 1845. The steeple was replaced after it was destroyed by lightning in 1925.

Old Mill on Falls River, Essex, Conn.
A two story wood frame building overlooks a body of water.
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