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The New Haven Green, covered in ice. Several adults and children are looking at the camera. In the background, children are playing ice hockey.

Dixwell Avenue at the intersection of Broadway and Goffe Streets. A large Coca-Cola sign is visible on the left, and several cars are visible on the street.

Men digging the foundation of the Ives Building. Four horses are hitched to a wagon in the center of the photo. In the background, several houses are visible on Temple Street.

An elevated view of Center Church on the New Haven Green. Yale's Harkness Tower is visible in the right background.

An elevated view of the New Haven Free Public Library and the New Haven County Courthouse. Cars are parked along both sides of Elm Street. A streetcar is visible in the center of the street.

Handwritten on reverse: "Hillhouse Ave. north of RR bridge."

St. Mary's Church on Hillhouse Avenue, completed in 1874.

Trinity Church on the New Haven Green, Designed by Ithiel Town and completed in 1816.

The intersection of Temple and Grove Streets, looking toward Elm Street. The first house on the right is the Noah Webster House, built about 1823 and removed to Michigan around 1936 by Henry Ford.

A snow-covered New Haven Green, with the old State House (also used as a Courthouse) visible in the left center. The State House, designed by Ithiel Town and erected in 1831, was razed in 1889.
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