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Franklin Elm, Old Town Post, and Pump, New Haven, Connecticut
The corner of Church and Chapel Streets, showing three landmarks of the Green. The Franklin Elm, said to have been planted on the day of Benjamin Franklin's death in 1790, was removed in 1904.

Rooftop View Looking toward Church Street, New Haven, Connecticut, 1960
Rooftop view looking over empty lots toward Church Street. Some business signs are legible beyond the First New Haven National Bank, reading "Congress Pants" and "Gilden's."

Site of Malley's Department Store just before Construction, New Haven, Connecticut, 1960
The site of the new Malley's building just before construction began May 16, 1960. Looking south from Temple Street toward the Connector.

South West Corner of Church and Crown Streets, New Haven, Connecticut, 1959
A partially demolished building on the corner of Church and Crown Streets. The First New Haven National Bank is visible in the background.

George Street Looking East from United Illuminating Tower, New Haven, Connecticut, 1959
A rooftop view of a building on George Street containing several storefronts. Two signs read "Commercial Used Cars/Garage" and "Commercial Hotel."

New Haven, From the Southeast, 1800
The New Haven Harbor, from an engraving by David C. Hinman.

New Grand Union Station, New Haven, Conn.
The New Haven Railroad Station, designed by Cass Gilbert and opened in 1920.

Yale College and the College Chapel, in 1786
Postcard showing part of an 18th century print by Daniel Bowen.

Library, Court House and Union Trust Bldg., New Haven, Connecticut
A color postcard showing the block of Elm Street between Temple and Church Streets.

Hillhouse Avenue from Bridge, New Haven, Conn.
A view down a straight, unpaved road lined with trees. A carriage is visible in the distance.
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